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Volunteerism or volunteer services have been part of virtually every civilization and society. Defined in broad terms it is the contribution made by individuals in terms of quality time, specialized skills, fiscal support, etc. This entails varied shades and actions ranging from well-being of the neighbours, the community or the society at large.

It is also the basis for a load of activities of development organizations and institutions alike. Nikunj Foundation also intimately links a number of activities in its operational areas depending upon volunteer efforts.

Volunteers play a significant role in the work, growth and the success of Nikunj . Volunteers contribute not only through their valuable time and effort but also through their creative perspectives, suggestions and feedbacks, which prove very helpful to Aarohan in achieving its vision and objectives .

NIKUNJ , unlike various current NGOs, is not recognized by a single face, founder or a trust, but is represented by a faction of volunteers whose consistent dedication and passion has helped in making the Aarohan into what it is today .

Nikunj not only engages these volunteers in social work but also focuses on sensitizing them towards the current social issues and its working methodology so that these volunteers become an asset of tomorrow rather than an instant bubble with myopic social concerns. These volunteers enjoy their voluntary contribution because they get a chance to interact with number of children from the community who come to Nikunj .

     Volunteers can assist us by :
  • Teaching subjects like Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects to children of classes from nursery to 12th based on their preference .
  • Providing vocational training based on their individual interests and areas of expertise such as Dance, Arts, Computers (MS office and Internet), English speaking etc .
  • Conducting workshops on personality development and career counseling .
  • Providing suggestions and feedback for improving processes based on their experience and perspectives
  • Increasing awareness among the people regarding the working and the vision
  • Conducting surveys and research work
  • Helping in the day to day tasks of Aarohan like writing mails, updating website, providing technical support etc.
  • Helping us in raising funds

However, we are still on a journey and there are still many milestones to be achieved, so we look forward to many more volunteers who can join us for this noble cause .

You may send your resume to us by email or by post . Or send us SMS JOIN(SPACE)NIKUNJ to 07890011940 . We will get to you as soon as possible .


Nikunj Foundation
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